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At RedShot Productions we do not just produce media content; we strive for perfection. Using our expertise to turn our client's imagination into reality and shape the future of multimedia content creation. Join us now in this exciting journey of innovation, creativity and boundless imagination.

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At RedShot Productions, videography is our canvas for telling stories that captivate, inspire, and evoke emotions. Our skilled team of videographers does not stop at capturing footage; they craft narratives that resonate with your audience. Every frame is a stroke of artistic brilliance, turning moments into lasting memories. From concept to execution, we bring your vision to life with cinematic expertise and a touch of innovation.


Our photography services at RedShot Productions go way beyond mere capturing images – we freeze moments in time and turn them into visual treasures. With an eye for detail and a knack for capturing the essence of a scene, our photographers create stunning visuals that narrate stories of their own. Whether it is portraits, landscapes, events, or products, we use the lens to express the unique narrative behind every shot.

Design & editing

Design and editing are the backbone of visual communication. Our team of designers and editors use their skills to transform ideas into striking visuals that convey messages effectively. By utilizing professional software, we are able to complete the journey towards realizing your imagination. Whether it is designing astonishing graphics or editing footage to highlight its essence, our team ensures that every visual element is a work of art.

Hardware & Software Development

While not traditionally considered part of multimedia, our passion for creativity knows no limits. At RedShot Productions, we are not content with the status quo. We believe in pushing boundaries and never-ending improvement to the services we deliver. By adding hardware and software development to the mix, we can bring you even more. combining technology with creativity puts us at the forefront of innovation, creating tools and solutions that elevate multimedia content to new heights. From custom hardware setups for unique shoots to crafting software applications that streamline production processes, we are pioneering a new era of multimedia possibilities.

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Photo- and Videographer

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Videographer and director

Yasin Mansabdar

Software development

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Manish Kumar

Editor and animator

Tommy Dobos

Social media expert

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